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How You Can Get Involved

You + us = Amazing results. Together we can change lives of millions of farmers.


Volunteering with us on our small farmer’s farms will be fun. There are many things you can participate in. You can be a part of our outreach programs or help us plant coconut palms on farms. You can also offer your time as social media specialist, by promoting our campaigns on our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, or even write our blog for us. Volunteers with event management backgrounds are welcome to help us organize fundraising shows in Bangalore.


This is a great opportunity for CSR engagements. f you are looking for an activity that is more meaningful than changing office light bulbs or going paperless? Partner with us through sponsorship and we will plant coconut palms on behalf of your organization across millions of poor farmer’s lands and together we can instigate  amazing stories of transformation.

Encourage your employees to take part in our tree planting activities, to feel the soil in their hands and have a fun day of teamwork and bonding outdoors. Simultaneously they will be while doing something life changing for our farmers in despair.